What Every Business Needs to Know About Search Engines

Google rankings

Did you know that web users around the world conduct more than 100 billion internet searches every month? Of course, that number is so mind-boggling that, like just about every other human, you probably cannot even wrap your brain about it. Still, with an estimated 2.5 billion global internet users, it should not be surprising that their daily web usage adds up to approximately 1.2 trillion web searches per year.

When it comes to internet usage, the most popular online activities are information seeking (duh!), email, and gaming. Although “information seeking” is rather broad, researching products and services are among included among the most commonly sought after data. Furthermore, the internet is the number one source for general information and facts for nearly 80% of all Americans, and over 90% of web users in the United States.

As if it weren’t obvious enough all ready, this all means that company websites are quickly becoming the faces of the businesses they represent. Thus, if your company website is less than stellar, your chances for achieving online marketing success will quickly diminish, and it popularity among Google search engine rankings will sink like a two ton anchor.

This now brings us to one of the most influential factors of successful internet marketing: search engines. It’s no secret that Google pretty much owns the global internet search marketing. Actually, Google’s grip is so tight that it controls approximately 70% of the international search marketing, despite the fact that the Chinese search engine Baidu, is the leading search engine in the most populous country in the world.

Since 80 percent of the United States population, and nearly 70 percent of global web users have made Google their favorite among all search engines, businesses must understand the importance of their search engine rankings. Basically, if their website does not rank among the top 10 search results, they already lose about 20 percent of web user interest. If it ranks lower than the second page, fewer than 10 percent of all web users will ever have the chance of seeing it.

The best way for a business to improve is search engine ranking is to consult a top SEO firm. This is because the best SEO services will provide their clients with the ideal combination of SEO tools, including SEO reporting, to achieve their most ambitious online marketing goals. After all, learning to make search engines work for you is the surest way to succeed in the world of search engine optimization.

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